The Mutual Ministry Committee thanks everyone who filled out the survey on grief and loss.  This information helps us respond to needs in the congregation.   

Here are the results:

1.  Have you personally experienced loss(es) in your life?  37 yes

2.  Do you believe that you have successfully dealt with the loss(es)?  24 yes, 4 no, 9 maybe

3.  Would you be interested in services through the church to assist you in dealing with grief & loss?  7 yes, 16 no  12 maybe

4.  Would you be interested in specific church sermons related to grief & loss?

15 yes, 11 no, 10 maybe

5.  Would be interested in group sessions after church services?  6 yes,  20 no, 10 maybe

6.  Would you prefer to deal with this issue privately, in your own way?  17 yes, 7 no, 12 maybe

The reason the totals are not the same for all the questions is that some surveys did not have answers to all the questions.

 In response to this information, the Mutual Ministry Committee is compiling a list of books and resources that are available in the area on the topic of grief & loss.  This list will be published in the November Messenger.  Pastor Hank will also be doing a sermon on grief & loss on All Saints Sunday, November 3rd.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded to this survey.

Committee members:  Bill Alber, Ben Dirks, Gerald Foskitt, Lisa Gordon, Natalie Moeller & Virgil Rhodes

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