God’s Work. Our Hands: Tri Church and LOMC – The BIG Picture!

God’s Work. Our Hands:  Tri Church and LOMC – The BIG Picture! Tri Church embarked on a new adventure for God’s Work. Our Hands this spring.  Culminating in a work day at LOMC on Saturday, June 1st that included picnic table assembly and staining the tabletops, planting flowers, and trimming shrubs, there is much to celebrate!  Here’s the big picture: 40 members, ranging in age from 7 to 94, worked and worshipped together   at LOMC on a glorious sunny day.  Enough money was donated for the purchase of 16 picnic tables· $500 in Thrivent funds was utilized for stain, plants and other project materials.· Towel sets, shower curtains, mops, brooms and buckets from the LOMC “wish list” were collected · “Noisy” offering of change, a children’s offering and other donations totaling approximately $700 was used for soil and additional “wish list” items.

What abundant generosity of time, labor, monetary and in-kind donations for LOMC!  Thank you to all and thanks be to God!

Deb Keaschall, Tri Church Representative

In addition, LOMC Property Committee Chair, Bob Gingras, shared his       gratitude for June 1st:

On behalf of LOMC staff, the board and 1,000’s of campers, thank you so much for the tremendous job that everyone did today.  I was amazed at the number of people you had show up.  I was very impressed with the overall organization of everyone.  On top of that, it seemed everyone had a smile on their face and took a lot of pride in their individual tasks.  Your involvement today has helped LOMC move forward in providing the best possible venue for everyone.  Please pass along our huge thanks to everyone that attended.  We hope we will be able to coordinate a similar event in the future. 

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