January Noisy Offering

Throughout January we will receive donations for the YWCA of the Sauk Valley in Sterling through the Noisy Offering.  For the past 94 years, the YWCA of the Sauk Valley has been making a difference in our community.  They are committed to making the Sauk Valley a better place for everyone by working to make our mission of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all, a reality.  They continue to evolve to meet today’s challenges in eliminating racism and empowering women. Each year, the YWCA of the Sauk Valley empowers over 900 victims of violence so they become survivors.  Yearly, they educate over 15,000 area children about sexual abuse, bullying, ways to stay safe, and how to get help if they are being abused.  You can learn more about the YWCA of the Sauk Valley at https:/www.ywsauk.org/.  Thanks is advance for saving your change for the January Noisy Offering. Your change is literally changing lives!

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