A HUGE THANK YOU to all who donated items to help with CommUNITY VBS!  Special thanks to all who volunteered to make the week possible!  Thanks for working to prepare our facilities and grounds: Nolan Scanlan, Gerald Foskitt, Scott Attig, Sid Attig, Denny Schumaker, Rick Moeller, Sheryl Wagner, Deb Gonzalez, Lisa Gordon, Bonnie Cassens, Kris Sandrock, and Jennifer Morgan!  Thanks to all who served at CommUNITY VBS and prepared crafts:  Jennifer Morgan, Shirley Downey, Kate Morgan, Meg     Morgan, Kris Sandrock, Tammy Doughty, Madison, Andrea Wright, April Roth, Ben Roth, Keegan Roth, Liz Lego, Amy Lego, Emily Lego, Lori Attig, Isaac Attig, Lisa Gordon, Orlando Ramos, Elise Moeller, Sophia Moeller, Ashleigh Sandrock, Deb Gonzalez, Stacey Hackbarth, Molly Hackbarth, Ronda Borgmann, Bonnie Cassens, Shirley Attig, Sue Dravis, Brendon Dravis, Pastor Bree, Matthew Hicks, Betty Clementz, Sharon Simester, Cheryl Zink, Trinity Zink, Zeppelin Zink, and more!  We are all the church together! THANKS IN ABUNDANCE for making CommUNITY VBS possible!!!

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