Tri Church

It continues to be a blessing to be “United in One Mission” as Tri Church; St. Paul, Immanuel and St. John’s Lutheran Churches. On February 1st, Tri Church hosted the Luther Nordic Choir.

Thank you for supporting this life-giving, faith-forming concert at  St. Paul!  Your donations of food for the choir meal, cookies for the reception and items for the choir gift bags made this event possible!  The concert was wonderful, with over 350 people in attendance!  In addition to the excellent music, $2,453.76 in donations was received!  This amount will be divided between Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC) and UNITE Service Camp.  Thank you for being a part of this ministry to our community!  Your generosity and support benefited the Luther Nordic Choir members, all who attended the concert, LOMC and UNITE!  Thanks so much!


Pastor Brandon Nelson          Pastor Bree Truax                        Pastor Jacob Gawlik

St. Paul Lutheran Church      Immanuel Lutheran Church     St. John’s Lutheran Church



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