Word from the Pastor

Grace and peace of Christ to each of you!

When a death occurs in our congregation, Jill combs through the records seeking information that will help me provide the best care to our families.  Thanks be to God for the record keepers of the past and for her good work today. Gordon Spencer died on June 18, 2020.  Jill discovered through Church Records that Gordy was confirmed on June 10, 1962 and his confirmation verse was Nahum 1:7. Gordy’s verse is a verse for today too! 

As you consider all that is going on in the world, do you see any trouble?  Is your household experiencing any trouble?  No matter what realities you are facing; no matter what realities our nation and world are facing, “The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble.”  We can trust God’s goodness, we can trust God to be a stronghold in our lives no matter what comes.  May we have the courage to face our troubles, to face reality and to lean into God’s love, goodness and strength. 

Pastor Bree Truax

[email protected], Cell: 360-989-4906

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