Council Highlights – March 13, 2017

  1. Outdoor sign will be replaced with a digital sign to allow vision from both north-south and east-west as soon as weather permits installation.
  2. Sound system in sanctuary has been checked to increase volume.
  3. All painting, carpet installation, and  kitchen renovation are to be completed by April 1, if not before.
  4. The  Challenge Bowl team representing Immanuel in Dixon on February 25 was composed of Jonah Hicks, Matthew Hicks, Deb Keaschall, Pastor Vicki, Sam Hyland, Pat Mintun, and Betty Clementz.  A huge Thank You to each for representing Immanuel and helping in the fundraiser for LSSI.  A Thank you is also extended to Bonnie Cassens who set up and distributed the snacks during the time of competition.
  5. All Ministry Teams are to meet on March 19 after worship to assemble a master calendar of events to avoid duplication of dates.

Betty Clementz

Council Secretary

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