Word from the Pastor

Grace and peace to you!  Throughout this month we are dwelling in Epiphany.  Epiphany is about Jesus Christ revealed as the Savior of the World.  Jesus is revealed as Savior in the coming of the Magi, in his baptism, in his life, death and resurrection.  Throughout the season of Epiphany I hope and pray that you would have epiphanies—“insights into the reality or essential meaning of something” (see Webster’s Dictionary). 

For over a month now I have been stewing on a quote that reads, “All we lack is the willingness to imagine that we already have everything we need.  The only thing missing is our consent to be where we are.” Barbara Brown Taylor (BBT), An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith

I keep coming back to BBT’s words.  Do I live like I already have all I need?  Am I fully present where I am in each moment?  Am I attuned with Christ?  In Jesus Christ, we have love, grace, hope, peace, etc.  In Jesus Christ, we are safe in love unto eternity no matter the earthy circumstance.  How might our lives be different if we live rooted in our baptism, rooted in Jesus our Savior?

I welcome your thoughts and insights—do BBT’s words resonate with your lived experience?  Are you able to be where you are? How might we support one another in living in Christ, in being where we are? 

Pastor Bree Truax   [email protected]   cell: 360-989-4906

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