Word from the Pastor

The abounding love of Christ to each of you!

Uff da…  I certainly never imagined a scenario where I would not be blessed to worship with you in person for over four months.  I suspect none of us imagined such a time as this…I have been thankful (again) lately for the Psalms—for the vast array of people’s prayers to God in scripture.  Notice in this section of Psalm 69 the honesty about the situation; the clear expression of pain, desire for God to act, and trust in who God is… “for your steadfast love is good” (Ps 69:16).

May we also have the courage to talk with God throughout each day about our present realities, welcoming God to act and trusting in who God is and how God loves.  May we live out our faith, loving God, ourselves and others as ourselves.

You are beloved to God and to me! 

Pastor Bree Truax  [email protected],  360-989-4906

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